New in v1.5

Versioin 1.5 brings the largest changes since release. I hope you enjoy it. -Pete Sekula Fixes styled-wingcorners have been adjusted to prevent zfighting with adjacent pieces. stylec_building1floor1 has been adjusted to snap better stylea-wingfloor2-lp has been adjusted to snap better bridge-support-widea- uvs adjusted bridge-offramp, ramp: adjusted to put back on grid bridge-support-widea,b: pivots aligned with sidewalks […]


What Is It?

When creating a large urban space for a game, you will eventually encounter the importance of balancing performance vs. art quality vs. variety. It’s important to tackle that in the beginning since any imbalance will cost you greatly the further you get in production. You may end up reworking significant portions of the art, or […]


Getting Started

There is alot to use in the Urban Construction Pack.  So before you begin, it’s important to setup your scene and be aware of the rules and scripts that will make your life easier. Snap and Grid Settings Every object in the UCP, except for planters and some props, are constructed on a 3.5 meter grid. […]


PreMade Buildings

In UCP, there are 5 architectural styles; A,B,C,D, and E. The premade buildings all have a basic footprint and vary in size. This is on purpose so you can attach the Wings and Caps to create your own complex style that’s right for your game. Extra details such as ac ducts and overhangs are left […]



Using the premade buildings is a great way to make a level, but when you supplement them with what is found in the Wings folder, you can really get creative with your design. Specifically, a “Wing” is a 3-sided modular “lego piece” that can be snapped along the 7 meter grid of the world or […]


Elevated Highway Set

The elevated highway set is a modular group of bridges with long and short turns, straight portions, a large ramp, and a single lane exit ramp. Snapping is simple. Just align the sidewalk to another sidewalk. Each piece is aligned to the 3.5m grid. Use road objects from the Roads folder to place on bridges […]


Road Set

The road system contains single and double-laned roads, each with long and short turns. There are also single and double-laned T and Plus intersection types. To transition between single and double roads, use the “Road-Transition” object. The transition object, as well as each turn, has options for sidewalks. Roads with the “Platform” suffix are meant to […]


Traffic Light System

Traffic lights work in the Urban Construction Kit based on timers you specify in the Prefab_TrafficLightController prefab object found in the Prefabs folder. With that selected in the scene, you will see the custom inspector for that object. Traffic lights must have an initial state for them to work. That is, when you hit “Play,” […]


Prefab Objects

14 Prefabs in the Prefabs folder. Lights Prefab_Light-Box: A small light that shines upward on an angle. Great for illuminating signs. Prefab_Light-Can: Small circular light used for illuminating walkways. Prefab_Light-Fancy: A lantern-style light. Prefab_Light-FDouble: Flourescent overhead light with two bulbs. Prefab_Light-FDouble_Hanging: Same, but with arms used to suspend the light from a ceiling. Prefab_Light-FSingle: Flourescent […]


Simple Props

Two types of awnings are included to make your building facades more interesting. AwningA is a sharp green style of awning. AwningB is a rounded blue style. Both are modularly constructed with center and corner pieces. There are several HVAC objects used to popular the roofs of your buildings. HVAC 1,2,3,4,5 should all be connected […]


Sidewalks, Curbs, Stairs

Sidewalks are important for correct object placement in your scene. They can be used as grid reference points as they are all on a 3.5m grid. 48 objects occupy the Sidewalks folder; more than enough to create the groundwork for an urban environment. Curb-Long,ShortX: Just the curb portions of sidewalks if you need them. Sidewalk-LargeX: […]



This group represents signs for advertisements. All are illuminated unless specified. All are featured in the webplayer demo. You can find these 22 signs in the Signs folder. Use CTRL-T to teleport these objects to the corners or faces of buildings. Amirs: Great for restaurants. Art: museum sign (not illuminated) Available: Leasing sign commonly seen […]


Street Traffic Objects

The Traffic folder contains a vast amount of common signs you would see in an average Western-style city. There are over 70 objects in this folder and they’re organized by prefix: Sign-X: common street signs such as Do Not Enter, No U Turn, Stop, etc. StreetSign-X: Signs you see at corners that denote the name […]



Walls are important for creating space between architecture or cordoning off playable and unplayable space. 25 wall objects can be found in the Walls folder. Everything is on a 3.5m grid. Wall-SimpleX: Simple walls are 2D planes mainly snapped to the bases of buildings and wings to help create a lower-level area as seen in […]


There are 4 scripts in the UCP: The AlignObjects script explained here The traffic light controller script explained here The custom Mesh Combine script. The Distance Dropout script. Mesh Combine Script Like the default Unity mesh combine script located in the Standard Assets package, this script will take gameobjects with mesh filters you’ve selected and […]


Why hasn’t any foliage been created in this package? Tons of foliage can be found in the Asset Store, so chances are you might have some. I didn’t want to duplicate efforts here. Why are there no LODs? Geometry is pretty low poly anyways. LODs would likely benefit the small traffic signs in simply culling […]